What is TMA?

Thaqalayn Muslim Association (TMA) @ YorkU is a non-profit student organization for Shia Muslims at York University. There are many TMA’s across University and College Campuses throughout Canada and the United States. We represent the TMA at York University’s Keele Campus.

The name Thaqalayn Muslim Association comes from the term “Thaqalayn” which is literally defined as the “two weighty things” referring to the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and his family.

Goals & Objectives

To Educate

  • To endow Muslim students with an Islamic heritage and to cultivate an informed and balanced Islamic understanding according to the teachings of the Thaqalayn – the Qur’an and the authentic sunnah (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (s) and his Ahl al-Bayt (a) (Household). Focus will be placed on the application and implementation of the Thaqalayn to contemporary times and contemporary issues.
  • To educate the university community on Islamic values and culture through the teachings of the Thaqalayn; to present an accurate understanding of Islamic teachings; and to foster greater acceptance of Shi’i students in particular, and Muslim students in general, as integral members of their campus.
  • To develop and improve relations amongst Muslims as well as with non-Muslims through engaging in intra and inter faith dialogue in order to achieve peace, harmony,mutual respect, and greater understanding.

To Encourage Excellence

  • To encourage students towards attaining excellence by assisting them in the pursuit of their goals as well as to recognize their achievements.
  • To cultivate a cadre of Muslim individuals who are driven to contribute towards the betterment of their community, society, and humanity.

To Offer a Holistic Campus Experience

  • In addition to serving the student’s academic and spiritual needs, to provide a healthy social and recreational atmosphere.